Garden Potting Mary Shed

I started Millworks Custom Buildings in 2004 after a lifetime of construction jobs.  What started off as a hobby on the weekend ended up being a full time job that has put many smiles on my customers faces.  I enjoy every minute of my work because it is not just a job but it is art for me to take my customers dreams and build it for them.  In over 20 years of custom building I have never had an unhappy customer.  My customers love the project before it is even complete and they are also happy with my work ethics, promptness and communication in building what they have in mind.

I have done anything from chicken coops and animal shelters to tree decks/houses and Japanese Tea Houses.  
What is your backyard design dream? A simple shed for your garden tools or maybe a garden potting shed and green house?  Whatever you want I can customize it to fit on your property.  
Millworks is different that the ordinary shed companies because our products are built on site and are custom to your needs.  Suppose you only have space for a skinny long shed and how can you get a shed company to deliver a product that fits in that spot? It's not likely to happen but that is what we do, we work with your space and usually can have the job done in 1 to 2 days. We take pride in our work and strive to always have happy customers.

Asian Inspired Shed
Custom Greenhouse Texas

Millworks Custom Buildings is dedicated to building functional art. We build structures that go above and beyond  normal construction techniques used in the shed business. We use 2 x 6 floor joists most companies do not, by using 2 x 6 joists your shed will not sag on the corners and your doors always open properly.
I would recommend to anyone looking at sheds to make sure that their shed is built to last we use 2 x 4 framing on the walls unless grades are requested, additionally we use real headers over the windows - in short we build our sheds with house grade construction techniques and products.

We enjoy building our structures, each structure is different than the last and now two are ever the same. When we’re done you have your own unique personalized piece of functional art. When on a project that is what we focus on. We do not try to split forces and work on multiple products at the same time your dream product will have our complete attention.
We listen carefully offer helpful suggestions and input sharing years of experience to help our customers get the best product they can based on their needs and location.
We have been doing it this way because we not only appreciate creating these beautiful structures but we also love the results and the joy that it brings to our customers when we’re done. It never gets old hearing our customer say:
"Wow that was way more than I thought." Or "Wow you did way above what I expected."

Elevated Playhouse Steps
Custom Large Storage Side And Front Doors

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard my customers say that they can’t believe that I showed up when I said I was going to did exactly what I said I was going to do and more and they tell me that has not been there experience with other companies in the past contractors etc.

People often asked me how did you get into this business well comically I say it is pretty much a hobby that got horribly out of hand in a good way! We started this over 16 years ago and we have yet to slow down.
I guess all my previous jobs cutting timber for Louisiana-Pacific with my dad, building homes and doing remodels has prepped me for what I do now.

Growing up in East Texas I went to Elkhart high school and  attended Trinity Valley community college obtaining a degree in horticulture.

Later I moved to the Pacific Northwest for a few years, then returned to Texas after realizing how I truly missed the life and culture here. The slower pace of life the more friendly attitude and personalities of people I’ve met and not to say they’re not friendly people up in the Northwest but I think they are in too big of a hurry to enjoy life like we do in the great state of Texas.

I was raised have strong family values, high morals, to respect my elders and respect all people. I believe that giving my best to everybody I meet and treating them with respect and honor always comes back around so that everybody’s basket is full.